I Will Create Your 10,000 Digital Artwork As NFT Art Collection

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are you looking for one-of-a-kind NFT ART to resell your nft collections? I will draw your NFT ART made to measure for you

The new art is NFT ART, each of these is unique in its kind. I will create your new collection of up to 10k NFT ART for you.

If you buy this gig what you will get:

  • Production and implementation of NFT ART
  • Create profitable NFT ART for the market
  • I will create your pixel, realistic, crypto punk style, cartoon style.
  • With the NFT ART that I will provide you success and uniqueness will be assured

Your NFT ART or CRYPTO ART can have this trait:

  • Skin (body)
  • Eyes color (blue, green, red)
  • Accessories ( necklace, gold necklace)
  • Color Clothes
  • Sunglasses style gangstar (black or white)
  • Hat (any fantasies you want)

what are nft?

they are the non-fungible tokens, it is the new art 4.0 EVERY NFT is unique

can i ask you some questions about nft?

of course I am always available