I Will Be Your Professional NFT Artist

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NFT has boomed in the Crypto space recently and selling such tokens is just keeps on gaining popularity on various NFT marketplaces.

I am a professional NFT artist that specialized in a Trippy/Surreal art style.

I have an Art & Design background and a Masters’s in Creativity and Innovation from the University of Malta. Additionally, I am a crypto enthusiast that can help to guide you through the NFT space and find the exact project that you are looking for.

I specialize in abstract Surreal Animated Artistic NFT’s and I have sold my works on:

  • Foundation,
  • OpenSea,
  • HicEtNunc,
  • and other NFT Platforms.

If you are looking for an NFT artist that knows his tools and is ready to experiment to find the perfect style for your NFT project then you have found one!

I can do the following:

  1. Collage Art;
  2. Trippy animation;
  3. Surreal Videos;
  4. Glitchy animation;
  5. And much more…

Hit me up here and I will be glad to discuss your project.

Thank you, with all the LOVE ❤️